New goals

Recently my friends Gretchen, Landria and I decided to each make a piece of jewelry, and then have a show and tell to get feedback on what we’d made. These are the kinds of challenges that actually get me working and I love them! I chose to make a necklace incorporating crochet–I had hoped to make lace, but couldn’t figure it out in time, so made some netting instead. I used vintage cotton thread that Inga Hamilton gave me when she and her husband Andy came to Pyramid for a residency earlier this year. Check out her work in the attached video, it’s awe inspiring!

So after our show and tell I decided to keep working on learning to make lace, and I’m going to give it a go with a book that my friend and coworker Claire loaned me. I’ve also met someone recently who knows how to make lace and tat, and is willing to teach me a lesson. I just love how ideas become a reality when you share them with people!


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