sculptural elements

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I’m really pleased with the way our nest project turned out! Thanks to a group of handy volunteers (Leanda Gaegan, Mike Wozniak, Patti Harden, Sarah Hanks, Claire Schwadron, Morgan Ward, Leslie Smith, and Anna Spelman), Gretchen and I were able to assemble a really lovely felted cluster of nests on the waterfront for the project I mentioned in my previous post. There are also lots of other great nests in the area, and inside the Torpedo Factory (in the Target Gallery) is another nest inspired show that is not to be missed–all will be on display thru May 15th, unless of course a tornado blows our nest away!

Working with felt on this project was really fun–I got to visit a really great shop called Dancing Leaf Farm, where the owner Dalis (an avid felter, shepherd, spinner, knitter, etc.) gave me lots of great tips, and sold me some lovely hand-dyed roving wool and a dozen of her hen’s fresh eggs (including a blueish green one!). Using the info I gathered from her, other felters I know, and videos from YouTube, we were able to make about 15 nests of all different sizes and colors, and then Gretchen and I selected a grouping that had a similar color palette.

Working with this fiber was fun, inspiring, and gave me lots of ideas for projects I’d like to do in the future! I posted before about the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Natural History Museum, and after visiting it I’m even more excited about the possibilities of working with wool and creating work that has sculptural elements!


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