Streetbox named desire

I recently participated in a project called “A Streetbox Named Desire”–The Washington City Paper and Pyramid Atlantic Art Center teamed up to celebrate both of their 30th anniversaries by inviting a group of artists to design artwork for some of the City Paper’s newspaper boxes. 10 artists participated, and we had total freedom to do whatever we chose to the box, so long as our additions could withstand life on the streetcorner. for example extreme weather, prying hands, etc, and weren’t pornographic 🙂 So, the results are all quite different as you can see, and all really great. There’s actually going to be an opportunity to vote on your favorite one–I’ll post the link when they put it up. We also don’t yet know where our boxes will end up–that’ll be published in the City Paper soon.

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My box design, which I’ve titled “Moon-eyed”  utilized stenciled silhouettes, transfers using carbon paper, block prints, and hand drawn elements. I wanted the imagery to be graphic and bold, easy to make out from a distance, yet also include layers and details that were subtle and rewarding only at a close range. I had a variety of themes in mind, and in the end I chose to remove the figures from their context (for example, one of the stencils came from a drawing of a woman hanging clothes on a line) and just focus on gesture. I chose my title by thinking about my relationship/reaction  to the city–wide eyed with wonder sometimes and fear others, expecially when considering the city at night. I’ll find out soon where it’ll end up (i’m crossing my fingers for H street!)



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