Make and Take

We hosted one heck of a party at Pyramid Atlantic on Saturday (Dec. 3)–A holiday cocktail party and DIY holiday event that opened up our studios and gave folks a chance to print their own cards and wrapping paper, make paper ornaments and garland, and enjoy some delicious cocktails. We had a lot of folks come by, and hopefully we’ll see some of you all again! Here’s a few photos that a friend sent me of the view from outside (this is of my block printing on fabric for furoshiki wrapping station), and a photo of a test print of by rabbit block.


2 thoughts on “Make and Take

  1. Your rabbit print is beautiful. Do you have any tips on eco-friendly inks for printing on fabric? I’ve seen some online called Permaset Aqua, but they are designed for screen-printing and I’m wondering how they’ll work with rubber blocks and lino.

    1. Thanks Nina! I use water based screen printing inks for block printing on fabric–the thickness of the screen printing ink works very nicely for fabric, and I switch to oil based block printing inks for printing on paper. I haven’t done research about the eco-friendliness of the screen printing inks I’m familiar with, but here’s a few choices: I use Speedball mostly because it’s sold at my local art supply store, and i’m happy with the results. I’ve also heard that Jacquard Versatex works well, and Union Ink is great because you order a transparent base and then pigments so you can mix as much as you need of each color.
      Happy Printing!

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