I wanted to share some photos of a project that my husband John and I just finished. We needed a larger bookcase and decided to build one. This was really fun–John art form is music, and mine is visual arts, so we don’t often get to work on creative projects together. And even though a bookcase isn’t necessarily a work of art, it was really fun for us both to learn a bit about woodworking and craftsmanship. We were lucky enough to get some direction from John’s dad, who’s built several pieces of furniture for us, and also got some tips from our friend Morgan Ward, who’s got some great building experience.

We also used milk paint for the first time. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s probably the oldest paint formula, found in ancient cave paintings, and used notably by the Shakers among others here in the U.S. It’s made of completely non-toxic ingredients, in fact, you could eat it if you chose to…We selected a grey/blue for the outside and a burnt orange on the inside. This is a combination that John’s dad told us he had seen in colonial Williamsburg. You can order it online here http://milkpaint.com/prod.html

I approach almost everything from a perspective of “I think I could make that,” which can be a bit frustrating because I am a beginner at a lot of things, and an expert at only a few. Thus my unfinished knitting projects, clothes that are half taken apart for alterations I don’t really understand, and questionable kombucha. Somehow I proceed undeterred,  so hopefully this will be the beginning of a lifetime of woodworking. John and I have been working to fix up his grandmother’s 100 year old farmhouse in Georgia, so we’ll need those skills for sure!

As a sidenote, I’ve also included a picture of a lovely sculptural piece I read about online–made from the remaining wood from a burnt down house in detroit. http://www.cathlynnewell.com/#Salvaged-Landscape


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