Gaia artist talk at Smith Commons

I just returned from a great artist talk at Smith Commons, which happens to be around the block from my house. Baltimore based street artist Gaia recently painted a mural on the side of their building, and had a talk about that piece as well as his work in general. I was a bit shocked to learn that he’s only 23, and yet has a very clear vision of the work he wants to make and the impact he wants to have in his community (and globally). His work is primarily in urban spaces–wheatpasted linocuts on abandoned buildings, murals both on buildings that will be demolished and in areas of rejuvenation and/or gentrification. I appreciated the thoughfulness he puts into his work–he seems to be very eager to serve his community in a positive way, and he seeks to make work that touches people’s spirits. I have been seeing his work around DC and Baltimore for the last few years and felt a deep connection with the animals he uses as symbols, as this is something that I often do in my own work. I know some great muralists and street artists who work to make their cities and others all over the world a better place, but because Gaia works in the same medium as I do, and seems to speak the same visual language I do, I was quite inspired.  I was inspired today to think bigger, to practice my craft, and to have fun! If you’re not familiar with his work, check out


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