Showing at The Imaginary Million

Later this month I’ll be one of 100 artists participating in a really interesting exhibition/art auction here in Atlanta. It’s called the Imaginary Million, and the auction is only open to the participating artists, using an imaginary $10,000 to bid on their favorite piece. Essentially it’s an art exchange, and includes a panel discussion on collecting for artists, which I think will be quite interesting. I’m so excited to be able to participate–and can’t believe I’ll be coming home with a new piece of artwork! The piece I’ll be showing/exchanging is “Goat-like, agile,” (a polyester plate lithograph that I made shortly before moving here)  is about my fears and excitement about the move to a new city.

The event is Wednesday October 24, 2012 from 7pm to midnight at 200 Peachtree (formerly Macy’s), Atlanta, Ga 30303. There’ll be a DJ (Santiago Paramo) and a cash bar, and otherwise the event is free and open to the public. The sponsors for this exhibition are WonderRoot, MOCA GA, The Zuckerman Museum and Atlanta Cultural Affairs.


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