New Year, New Projects

The new year has brought several unexpected changes–mainly a new job that is incredibly challenging and offers lots of possibility. I’m working for a horticultural society here in Atlanta, and have included a little gem–a photo of the pygmy goats that live at our learning garden in East Lake.

My husband John and I are sharing a studio here for the first time–he’s been playing so much in the last few months and it makes him really happy. One of our goals when we moved to Atlanta was to try to make art together–even if we are both working on very different projects it’s nice to work in the same space. I took this photo of him on the first night that we worked in the space together–I hope that we can make a practice of it!

Adapting to my new schedule, I’ve had limited time for art projects over the last month,  but I have been working a little at time on clothing alteration projects. The current project is a great little vintage set (a skirt and blouse) that a friend sent to me, and even though it was too small I couldn’t bear to part with it. So I’ve been working on altering them, and had some help from my friend and talented seamstress Christin Ripley ( here’s a link to a skirt she made that is a similar pattern– I’m still trying to decide what to do with the top–it’s a bit short for me, so I’m thinking of adding a panel–perhaps a peplum at the bottom. I hope to share the finished piece soon.

Today I was looking for a pattern to alter a sweater–again something that is too small and I can’t seem to get rid of, and found this great pattern –I’m going to try something similar with my sweater soon! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I’ve also included a photo of some prints I carved as christmas gifts–they are address stamps for some family members. I chose to carve the text in the negative, into the silhouette of different animals or shapes, because the text is delicate and would hold up better over time this way. I also love silhouettes, and enjoyed coming up with different objects to represent these loved ones. The orange block is meant to be viewed on it’s side–it’s the state of Georgia, and should read “Georgia Fat Wood”–We collected some from a fallen pine tree and gave it to my dad for Christmas.


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