I’m a printmaker, painter, artisan, and daydreamer who lives in Sewanee, TN. The aim of this blog is to catalogue and share things that are inspirational to me, and to document my creative projects. I might post artwork, ideas and musings about projects around my house, or about things I’d like to learn to do.

About my artwork:

My drawings, paintings, and prints are largely figurative—people and animals, often enacting some part of their day-to-day lives. I am influenced by myth, storytelling, and the use of archetypes to call attention to the undercurrents that run through our lives—the spiritual, emotional, and mystical. I often focus on my experiences, exploring women’s roles, relationships, emotions, and memory. My intention is to distill beauty from these experiences, to preserve and share memories.

I find a great deal of pleasure in making things, learning how things work, and developing craftsmanship. These things make me feel powerful, self-sufficient, and connected to our handmade past. I also believe, as Louise Bourgeois did, that showing the hand in your work shows that the emotion expressed is real.

I’m also inspired by and interested in textiles (pattern design, dyeing, sewing, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet and embroidery).


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